Several years ago, Servier, based on a long-standing expertise in angiology, published an Atlas of the Anatomy of the Superficial Veins of the Lower Limbs. The success of this Atlas was such that it was very quickly out of print. We received much positive feedback on the Atlas and its original illustrations from doctors, students, and even patients. We are happy to announce that an electronic version of the Atlas is now available on the Internet. We hope that you will find the Atlas Web site as useful as the printed version, and that, in this way, we will have fulfilled your expectations.


Vein academy

Discover the new website on venous diseases by Servier.

  • One point of access to evidence-based medical education in phlebology and proctology.
  • Recent scientific news, videos on hot topics and practical tips by international experts.
  • A library with videos, books, slide sets on anatomy, epidemiology, pathophysiology, treatments, surgical techniques.
  • Links to a selection of articles, practical applications, and to relevant websites on venous diseases.



Phlebolymphology provides the medical community with updated information written by well-known international specialists, in the form of state-of-the-art articles and original insights into the phlebology and lymphology fields.

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Servier Medical Art

Servier Medical Art provides you with thousands of professionally designed medical elements. These high-quality vector images are classified thematically into Powerpoint files, from which they can be copied individually and used in combination in order to make your own Powerpoint presentations or to illustrate your scientific publications.

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